4x4 Car Rental

Sometimes you need a magic carpet to waft you away to a beautiful place in an atmosphere of total relaxation. And sometimes, you don’t. Sometimes, you need a speedy thrill to take you to the heights of delight, so you can live your life to the maximum level. And sometimes, you don’t. And sometimes, all you want is to feel the solid comfort of a 4x4 jeep around you as you explore the yet unconquered terrain of this earth. Nature hasn’t given up all its secrets yet. Will we ever learn them all? Who knows ?

We Have the Cars in our Fleet

Whatever your motoring needs, UAE Luxury Car Hire has the car to match, among all others in the Dubai luxury car hire business. Although Dubai has a global image as a modern, cosmopolitan city, it is also a fortress which has resisted the ravages of the desert and the onslaught of time. We have urban comforts but are always aware of the ravages of nature on our doorstep, ready to advance as we sleep, blissfully unaware. But we are aware. We can tame nature. Our fleet of 4x4 cars (jeeps) knows how to struggle with nature and win.

From USD 425, AED 1550, GBP 335


From USD 409, AED 1500, GBP 319

MERCEDES G63 AMG (black)